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We are incredibly excited to be semifinalists in the FounderMade Future of Wellness Competition! Ten semifinalists were selected and we need your help to get to the final stage of the competition. Online voters, like you, select one "fan favorite" that will have the opportunity to progress to the final round. Voting is done on the Well+Good website and closes on January 25th. If you want to be able to workout the next time you are at an airport, help us get started by giving the NYC health scene something to talk about!

If you're curious, here is a list of the remarkable people and companies who are attending the final event. Thank you for taking the time to vote for us.

Benefits of a HIIT Workout

(Photo by alive)

High intensity interval training (HIIT) isn’t a newly discovered phenomenon in the world of fitness, however if it’s added into our workout regimen once or twice a week we could benefit from the after-burn effect. It seems obvious that the more vigorous our workout is the more calories we burn, so let’s break it down a bit more and discover why that's the case.

The duration of the workout is not what is most important, it’s the intensity that we put into it. For example a HIIT workout with a work to rest ratio of sprinting for 20 seconds and resting for 10 seconds repeated six to eight times is just what we need to get our heart rate and body temperature up, stimulating the after-burn effect. Weight lifting with a minimal rest period would all suffice as HIIT. No matter the length of the workout we should be pushing ourselves to 70-85% of our maximum heart rate. A HIIT workout means our bodies need more oxygen, which is what burns the excess calories.

After a HIIT workout our body is in overdrive trying to restore itself to a resting metabolic rate (called homeostasis). In order for this to happen it uses more oxygen than usual. Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) is the process where our body takes in more oxygen, which boosts our metabolism and burns more calories. The benefits of HIIT and EPOC are not limited to extra calories being burned post workout, they also help increase our aerobic capacity and assist in muscle growth.

Next time we find ourselves with a quick turn around at the airport we’ll be sure to squeeze in a HIIT workout. What could be better than feeling relaxed from our post-exercise endorphin high and continuing to burn some extra calories while sitting on the plane?

Last year athleisure was a major trend that merged the fitness and fashion industries, resulting in a $68 billion market. It generated enough buzz that Merriam-Webster is considering putting it in the dictionary, no kidding! Check out M-W says here.

Well+Good predicts that athleisure will continue to be a super trend for 2016. Here is how we can take advantage of fitness clothes that are geared for the gym, the office, and everyday life to make our flights more comfortable and our suitcases more versatile and light.

Everyone know that layers are crucial for flying, we won’t bore you with the details but might we suggest adding a trendy pair of compression socks to your carry-on for your next trans-pacific flight? Now that there are more options the person sitting next to us doesn’t have to wonder why we’re putting on our grandmother’s hosiery. Seriously, compression socks used to be pretty bleak.

Here’s an idea of what we have in our bag...

Our bag is extremely light. Workout wear that doubles as daywear means we don’t have to pack nearly as much. We’ve narrowed down the decision on wether something is comfortable or not based on it’s fit and fabric. Of course the fit of your clothes is a personal preference, so is the style, but here’s what we can all agree on, fabric. We want it to be wrinkle free, light weight, soft, and most importantly, wicking—especially if we’ll be wearing it all day.

However, fabric is not the be all and end all of a smartly packed suitcase, functionality is also practical. The best feature in newly designed workout wear is the hidden compartment. It can be in the waistband of our pants, a zippered pocket on the back of our shirt, or discretely tucked into a seam. This feature offers extra space to store valuables like a credit card, our drivers license, and few dollars. (Much more chic than a money belt). It’s also a convenient place to stash our boarding pass if we are too busy doing other things on our phone to use the airline’s app.

What are your favorite clothes to travel in?

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