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We’re committed to helping you reach your fitness goals. We have a certified personal trainer on staff that is able to design a plan that suits your unique intentions and personality. All of our PT sessions are 30-minutes and you can schedule them in advance. Or, you can call or visit us to see if we have any drop-in availability. 



BA Sports Management


Joey was raised in North Carolina in a military family active in sports and fitness. Growing up he participated in football, track, and baseball through high school. He played baseball at the collegiate level with the aspiration of playing professionally. Unfortunately, Joey suffered a career-ending injury in college but it was his rehabilitation program that sparked his interest in athletic training and sports management. While finishing his degree, Joey worked in several settings to gain experience working with clients of all ages and abilities— including a Strength & Conditioning Internship at Coppin State University, and a Physical Therapy Assistant position in Baltimore, MD.


Joey joined ROAM Fitness in June 2018 as a part-time Sweat Concierge and has become an integral member of the TEAM! His long-term goals include developing and owning an athletic performance center geared towards youth development.


ROAM Fitness is excited to work with Joey to launch our personal training program!


All 30-minute personal training sessions are $40. All PT sessions include access to ROAM, complimentary workout gear, and a private shower room reservation.

All PT session payments are made at the BWI front desk prior to your session. All PT clients must sign a waiver and complete an assessment with the trainer. No outside/personal equipment may be used in the sessions. 


PT sessions are 30-minutes and tardiness may result in reduced training time. Clients are required to give 24-hour cancellation notice for scheduled private training sessions by calling, emailing, or visiting the BWI front desk in person and letting the ROAM employee know that the client is unable to attend the scheduled session. ROAM Fitness reserves the right to charge the client for late cancellations or no-shows by forfeiting the pre-paid session. 


Personal training sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable and may not be exchanged for other services and/or products at ROAM. All personal training sessions expire 30-days after purchase.