• Access to any ROAM Fitness facility is available through a Day, Month, or Annual (Year) Pass. In order to access the facility, you must have at least one of these types of passes.

  • All types of passes provide the same access, including free clothing and shoe rentals (if requested), showers with complimentary towel service, use of the wifi for the extent of your visit, and 1 (one) secure cubby per person.

  • The Day pass is good for 24-hour starting at the time of check-in, and may be used at multiple facilities within that 24-hour time period.

  • Prior to making any type of membership purchase, all users must create an online profile, and can do so either on their own device or in person with the assistance of one of our customer service team members.

  • Users must check-in prior to entering any ROAM facility, and sign the waiver and release form for each location visited. Copies of each location’s waiver may be obtained ahead of time online or by contacting that location and requesting a copy.

  • Purchasing a pass or accessing any of ROAM facilities implies an agreement to all policies, rules, and regulations on behalf of the user and purchaser.

  • Passes are solely purchased online with a credit/debit card and not in-person at the facility.  Purchases are made with AirFit, Inc, (d/b/a ROAM Fitness) an Oregon based company. Your membership with AirFit, Inc. works at any ROAM Fitness facility.

  • Passes can be purchased at any time but are not activated until check-in. The purchased pass acts as a credit on your profile for up to one year from date of purchase. Passes not used within 1 year of purchase are expired and no refund or credit is issued.

  • No refunds or pro-rated returns are issues for any reason. All sales on passes and/or in-store merchandise are final.

  • All passes are non-transferable and must remain linked to one profile account.

  • As new locations open, the Day, Month, and Annual pass proactively provide access to these new and all future locations. In the event a ROAM Fitness facility closes, no refunds will be provided.

  • Each ROAM Fitness facility has its own hours of operation, dictated by the airport. Please check with each individual facility to confirm open hours. All hours of operation are listed in local time.

  • Discounts for airport employees, airline employees, and active US military personnel must be confirmed with proper ID at the time of check-in. Failure to provide sufficient ID may result in denied access until a full price access pass is purchased.

  • Access passes are available all persons 16 years of age and older. Users under the age of 18 must have written permission from their legal guardian at the time of access and must be accompanied by their guardian at all times when in the facility.

  • Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to use the facilities or equipment but may be present with an accompanying guardian.



  • All types of passes provide the same access, including free clothing and shoe rentals (if requested), showers with complimentary towel service, use of the wifi for the extent of your visit, and 1 (one) secure cubby per person.

  • Rental clothing and shoes may be requested at the time of check-in and issued then. We strive to have your size in stock but may be limited in what can be provided.

  • All use of rental clothing and shoes comes free with your membership.

  • Damage, theft, destruction (accidental or otherwise) to any rental clothing and/or shoes is strictly prohibited. Any items damaged or stolen will be charged a replacement fee of cost of the item plus a 50% service fee. We understand our rental clothes and shoes look and feel fantastic, but please do not keep them. We provide a separate lineup of clothes and shoes available for purchase and ask that you kindly use this avenue to purchase any items.

  • Showers may be reserved in-person at the time of check-in through the front desk if you are accessing the facility through a Day or Month Pass. Annual Pass holders may reserve a shower up to 24 hours in advance through our online portal.

  • Showers are reserved for 15 minute periods and limited to just 1 (one) reservation per visit. We ask you to kindly monitor your time in the shower and be respectful of the person waiting after you.

  • Shower/bathrooms are single use only and designated gender-neutral. Exceptions to this rule are any caregivers accompanying an individual including nursing parents with their children.

  • The common use vanity sink and counter is available for all our guests. Please be respectful of others when using this area and recognize this is not a private area.

  • Each ROAM facility has 1 ADA compliant bathroom/shower which is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Special accommodations for qualifying individuals may be made for longer time by contacting each location’s front desk staff.

  • In addition to providing access to our facilities, each ROAM location may also sell athletic apparel and footwear, branded merchandise, and pre-packaged healthy food items and nutritional supplements when able. Some airports restrict what we can carry so please note there might be differences between each ROAM location. Some of these food items may contain nuts and other allergens.

  • AirFit, Inc (d/b/a ROAM Fitness) reserves the right to restrict, alter, and/or modify the fees, benefits, services, locations, and hours of operation at any time, with or without written notice to its members.



  • ROAM Fitness management and front desk team members reserves the right to deny entrance to any member whose attire, mental or physical condition, or demeanor is not appropriate for the ROAM Fitness setting; this includes inappropriate workout attire, aggressive or threatening mannerism or actions, being intoxicated or under the influence of drugs/prescription medication, foul language, or other behavior that unbecoming.

  • Food from outside sources may be brought into the facility so long as its odor is not offensive to the rest of the patrons.

  • In compliance with fire and safety standards, airport luggage carts are not permitted in any ROAM Fitness facility.

  • You may store your personal items only in the secure cubby that has been assigned to you, and only for the extent of your stay. Leaving items out in the bathroom, workout area, or to claim any machine is strictly prohibited; all items left outside of your assigned secure cubby will be treated as a security threat.

  • If you notice any suspicious item(s), inform an ROAM Fitness team member immediately.

  • Please return all gym equipment to where you found it. Theft of any equipment will be treated as a security risk.

  • All ROAM Fitness facilities are under constant CCTV surveillance and images of you may be used in the process of an investigation. The only areas not under camera surveillance are the individual bathrooms. At no point in time is any exercise equipment allowed in the bathrooms.

  • Pets, including emotional support animals, are not allowed into the facility and any time for safety reasons, except certified service animals when required by law

  • Smoking, consuming alcohol or other drugs, chewing tobacco, and using smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes are strictly prohibited in any ROAM Fitness facility and subject to immediate dismissal from the facility. Repeat offends will lose their membership access with no refund issued.

  • As a courtesy to other guests, please use headphones when using personal devices such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, or other gaming devices.

  • Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and must behave in a manner conducive to the atmosphere of the facility. ROAM management reserves the right to ask the accompanying adult to take a child out of the room if the child becomes unruly or disruptive to other guests.

  • ROAM will not be held responsible for any articles lost or stolen in the facility.

  • As a courtesy to others, members and guests are asked to restrict extended cell phone use to outside the facility. The use of cameras or other picture taking devices are strictly prohibited while in the vanity area, secure cubby station, or bathrooms.

  • ROAM management may refuse admission to, or revoke the membership privileges of, those who fail to comply with the above guidelines and those who disrupt other members or guests.

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