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5 Travel Blogs We Follow

(Photo by Hey Nadine)

Travel time is me time. It’s an opportunity to take a break from our daily routine and enjoy new sights and experiences. We avoid stressing about our trips by keeping tabs on how travel pros globetrot and stay fit. Below are five bloggers full of insights, inspiring images, itineraries, and tips that have us daydreaming about enjoying our next trip.

Need help budgeting for your next adventure? Nomadic Matt has many tips on how to successfully save for the trip of our dreams. He has extensive experience traveling the world and has written countless articles (and several books!) offering his guidance. Matt’s blog is a great resource and his categories help new visitors find things they didn’t know they were curious about.

When we are imagining how beautiful our next trip will be we often look to Hey Nadine. We actually first stumbled across her on instagram. She shares breathtaking videos of her travels that have us eager to follow her along on every adventure. She’s also full of laughter, travel tips, beautiful destinations, and advice on how to simply live in the moment. Nadine is an inspiration for all of us who have wanderlust written in our hearts.

Planning a leisure trip itinerary can feel like work, sometimes it’s even a daunting task. We want to take in the culture and see landmarks but organizing where to go in a short amount of time can be tricky. 12hrs is an incredible resource, not just for its unique itineraries but also its insight from the locals and attractive aesthetics. The idea behind the name, 12hrs, is that the editors plan a day full of activities and destinations, so if you only had 12 hours in a new city you know what shouldn’t be missed.

Once we know we’ve thought through our finances, destinations, and itineraries we look for ways to focus on our health during our travels. Travel Strong is a blog full of motivation and ways to stay on track while away from home. The founder, Will, has healthy food choices, tips to staying active, and workout routines that can be done on the fly. Sometimes it can be hard to stay focused on our health and wellness goals when there are so many new things to experience on a trip, but Travel Strong offers the guidance needed to keep us on track.

Extra fitness support can be found from Business Travel Life. The website is a good place to start but we like to follow them on Facebook because they post their own articles as well as articles from popular travel and fitness publications. If you travel a lot for work you may want to consider the meal and exercise plans they create (at a cost) for the business traveler. There are different wellness programs to choose from based on lifestyle. The programs are customizable and can be achieved at home or on the road. As an airport gym business, we love how they support work-travelers by providing them with a wellness plan.

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