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Target Training: Fitness Myth

(photo by Coast-Fitness)

With all of today’s fitness trends, fad diets, and meal plans clouding our newsfeeds, achieving a successful workout or reaching a wellness goal is not straightforward. There are many misconceptions regarding fitness that can lead us off track. In order to sift through all of the information and avoid mistakes in the gym and kitchen we plan on busting a few health and fitness myths for you; the first one we are tackling is Target Training.

How many times have you heard a friend discuss their midsection and say that they need to do more sit-ups? Target training one specific area of the body, in this case the abdomen, will not result in a chiseled 6-pack. Achieving a physical appearance goal is not attained through exercise alone; there are other factors such as time spent working out, intensity and variation of the exercise, and food consumption to consider. I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase “Abs are made in the kitchen.” Abdominal workouts in combination with cardio and moderate weight training will help engage the abs and strengthen the muscles.

When our bodies lose fat it does not come from one specific area on our bodies, although certain spots may slim out quicker than others. For most of us, our stubborn areas are our thighs, rear, or midsection. Targeting one of these specific areas with concentrated exercise will not make the fat go away. Fat loss includes many variables and will occur over time with a balanced diet and workout.

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