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Gym Bag Essentials: What to Pack

(Photo by Gear Patrol)

Arriving at the gym and realizing we forgot to pack something is the pits, especially if what we forgot is our deodorant! We’re assuming you always have your phone and earbuds on hand, regardless of whether or not you are going to the gym so that didn’t make our cut. Here’s a list we created of 10 necessities we can’t go to the gym without because missing a workout because we forgot something essential is the worst.

  1. Water Bottle: We all intend to bring one with us, but sometimes we manage to leave it behind on the kitchen counter. We’ve made that mistake one too many times so now we keep an empty, reusable bottle in our bags. Having an empty bottle keeps the weight of the gym bag to a minimum and it’s easy enough to refill at the gym.

  2. Pre-Workout Snacks: It’s extremely important to keep our bodies well nourished before an intense workout at the gym. We like to stash away a few energy/protein bars in our bag to make on the go snacking a little easier.

  3. Sneakers: Our bag always has a pair of basic trainers in it. If we’re planning on practicing our Olympic lifting or sprints on the track we’ll plan ahead and put the proper choice in our bag, but we are never without a pair of sneakers.

  4. Socks: Working out without socks is never pleasant. We always pack a pair of sweat wicking socks to keep our feet happy during our workout.

  5. Watch: Having a watch is a good way to set goals (time limits) and keep track of our pace. It’s so rewarding as times goes on to be able to finish a set 8 seconds faster than the previous week or to squeeze in a few more reps before the time is up.

  6. Wicking Towel: Micro fiber towels are thin, lightweight, and quick drying which is why we love them. We use them to absorb sweat off our foreheads and the equipment we were using.

  7. Jump Rope: It’s not something that we’re always going to need, but it’s nice to have. Sometimes we hit the gym at the busiest time (unfortunately) and all cardio machines are being used, that’s when we whip out our jump rope to get our heart pumping and warm up on our own. There are many different styles, lengths, and weights of jump ropes to choose from and often times the selection is limited at the gym, so having your own customized rope is best.

  8. Hat: Since we’re constantly on the go it makes sense to keep a hat of any kind in our bag in case we don't have the time to shower after our workouts we can just throw one on and pretend no one knows that we just finished a sweat session at the gym. We prefer baseball hats because the visor protects our face from the UV rays from the sun and it’s easy to style with long hair.

  9. Yoga Mat: We love having our own mat to stretch and do mobility movements on after a tough workout.

  10. Recovery Drink: There’s nothing more refreshing than a cold post-workout recovery drink. We prefer the type that is naturally sweetened and full of antioxidants, electrolytes, and micronutrients.


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