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5 Health Conscious Podcasts

Need something new to occupy your mind and time? Tuning into podcasts is a great way to gain new knowledge and insights. We listen to them when we’re on a flight, in the gym, or heading to work. There are many stations to choose from so we rounded up a few of our favorites.

First up we have Jason from Zero to Travel. He is an experienced nomad who shares his adventures and offers up different ways for his listeners to travel the world regardless of their situation or experience. Some of Jason’s podcasts also include courses where he explains how to achieve certain things, like spending less money traveling than at home, the art of earning extra points on certain airlines, or our favorite ‘Location Independence, Business Mastery’ how to live, work, and travel from anywhere in the world.

The Realize Yourself podcast by Kimberly Snyder is a delight to follow. Kimberly is a nutritionist for the mind, body, and soul as well as a New York Times bestselling author. Her podcast includes tips on staying healthy, the healing powers of certain foods, and delicious recipes to keep our bodies nourished.

TedTalks is the most popular station of all the podcasts, and with good reason. There are a couple thousand podcasts, or talks, where the speaker recaps events on a specific topic and strategically asks the audience a question. TedTalks was created to inspire people to think and create new ideas. The podcast is very engaging and offers new outlooks on many topics. We narrow the field of categories down by selecting technology so we can learn about all the latest improvements and gadgets that hit the market.

Jeff Sanders has health, fitness and personal growth habits figured out, and all before breakfast with his 5 AM Miracle podcast. Nominated for several podcast awards last year, the 5 AM Miracle helps listeners stay focused, productive, and healthy with Jeff’s coaching. All of the positivity and encouragement from Jeff has helped many people achieve their goals and live happier, healthier lives.

For the fitness guru looking for something new to try, GMB Fitness is a fun way to push the limits of our physical anatomy. Gold Medal Bodies (GMB) Fitness has a downloadable training program that can be used to help followers strengthen their core with body weight exercises and mobility. The workout is designed to be fun, hard work both physically and mentally. The training program gradually builds strength, flexibility, and control of the body, after all GMB Fitness doesn't want its clients to “die without exploring what the body is capable of.”

We are always amazed to find such wonderful insight that is easily accessible, like all of these podcasts that can either be downloaded from the podcast app, the iTunes store, or streamed on SoundCloud. It’s inspiring to know that there are like minded people who are sharing their knowledge of traveling, nutrition, technology, health, and fitness with the rest of the world. The time is now to listen in and better our bodies and experiences with the knowledge these speakers share.

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