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5 Nutrition Tips for Post-Workout Success

(Photo by Hummusapien)

In order to fully benefit from working out, extra time and planning must be spent in the kitchen. All of our effort at the gym could be wasted if our bodies are not supported by a sound approach to healthy nourishment. Here are some nutrition tips we follow to ensure that we get the most out of our workouts.

Supporting muscle growth is the most important way to replenish the body after a training session. A protein drink with a healthy blend of complex carbs and fats is great for recovery. For an entire day, an active adult typically needs between 0.4-0.6 grams of protein multiplied by their weight. The amount of protein needed depends on the individual and type of endurance. Adding a high quality protein such as nuts, seeds, or fish to lunch and dinner can also help repair damaged tissue from the workout and aid lean muscle growth.

Timing meals is also very important and often overlooked. It’s not necessary to eat an hour before a workout because our digestive system gets confused when our body is in endurance mode. Ideally a balanced meal and snack should be eaten on either end of the workout, within 3 hours of working out and 15-30 minutes post workout.

Keep in mind what happens to the immune system when we workout. Certain exercises can stress or fatigue the body, which weakens our immune system. Refuel the immune system by eating probiotic rich or fermented foods such as kefir, kimchi, kombucha, or unsweetened Greek yogurt.

Stay hydrated. Dehydration and fatigue can sneak up on us quickly so it is important to drink water during our workout. Once our bodies start sweating we know it’s time to start hydrating if we haven’t already. Be cautious of exercising in cold weather, just because sweat isn’t dripping off our bodies doesn’t mean we’re not close to dehydration. We like to drink water during our workouts and refuel our bodies with a drink full of electrolytes and micronutrients, make sure the drink doesn’t have added flavors, sweeteners, or colors!

To make choosing the right foods easier, stop focusing on what you won’t eat. There are plenty of delicious options waiting to be had; hummus, granola, avocados, and dark chocolate! Get excited about properly nourishing your body. Soon the other foods won’t sound as appealing.

Try incorporating these tips into your next workout, after all fitness goals aren’t just supported by time spent in the gym. Soon these nutrition tips will become a habit and setting new fitness goals will be easier to attain.

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