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Travel Hacks for Packing

Suitcase space is valuable and our contents can sometimes be unruly. We want to make sure we have everything we need for the trip and we don’t want anything to get wrinkled, damaged, or tangled. Here are 13 travel hacks we use regularly:

  • Bag of Tricks. Start by distributing the weight properly. If our luggage has wheels we pack the heavier things on the bottom so it’s easier to maneuver around.

  • Roll don’t Fold. Rolling clothes saves space and avoids wrinkles and creases.

  • Roll Some More. Keep collared shirts stiff and wrinkle free by rolling a belt and putting it inside the shirt to keep the collar standing tall.

  • Spare the Dirt. Wrap footwear in a shower cap to keep dirty soles from touching clean clothes.

  • Double Stuff. Stuff extra things like socks or sunglasses inside shoes for extra space.

  • Freshen Up. Stick a dryer sheet inside the suitcase to keep clothes smelling clean.

  • Grab Bag. Store chargers in a sunglasses case or little draw string bag to keep them from getting tangled or lost.

  • Invest in a solar-powered phone charger incase there are no open outlets available when traveling.

  • Scent Saver. Protect glass breakables like perfume or cologne by sticking them inside a sock.

  • Safety First. Use a binder clip around the blade of a razor to avoid getting hurt or ripping any clothing.

  • Glam Pillbox. Store jewelry in a pill container to keep necklaces and earrings from getting tangled.

  • Space Saver. For short trips use a contact case for moisturizer or concealer.

  • Leak no More. If a big bottle is needed, unscrew the product’s lid then seal plastic wrap over the top and screw the lid back on. This will minimize the chance of it leaking everywhere if the lid opens up during flight.


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