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Athleisure For Travel

Last year athleisure was a major trend that merged the fitness and fashion industries, resulting in a $68 billion market. It generated enough buzz that Merriam-Webster is considering putting it in the dictionary, no kidding! Check out M-W says here.

Well+Good predicts that athleisure will continue to be a super trend for 2016. Here is how we can take advantage of fitness clothes that are geared for the gym, the office, and everyday life to make our flights more comfortable and our suitcases more versatile and light.

Everyone know that layers are crucial for flying, we won’t bore you with the details but might we suggest adding a trendy pair of compression socks to your carry-on for your next trans-pacific flight? Now that there are more options the person sitting next to us doesn’t have to wonder why we’re putting on our grandmother’s hosiery. Seriously, compression socks used to be pretty bleak.

Here’s an idea of what we have in our bag...

Our bag is extremely light. Workout wear that doubles as daywear means we don’t have to pack nearly as much. We’ve narrowed down the decision on wether something is comfortable or not based on it’s fit and fabric. Of course the fit of your clothes is a personal preference, so is the style, but here’s what we can all agree on, fabric. We want it to be wrinkle free, light weight, soft, and most importantly, wicking—especially if we’ll be wearing it all day.

However, fabric is not the be all and end all of a smartly packed suitcase, functionality is also practical. The best feature in newly designed workout wear is the hidden compartment. It can be in the waistband of our pants, a zippered pocket on the back of our shirt, or discretely tucked into a seam. This feature offers extra space to store valuables like a credit card, our drivers license, and few dollars. (Much more chic than a money belt). It’s also a convenient place to stash our boarding pass if we are too busy doing other things on our phone to use the airline’s app.

What are your favorite clothes to travel in?

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