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AirFit, Inc. Name Changes to ROAM Fitness

As of April 1st, AirFit, Inc. will be doing business as ROAM Fitness. The name change reflects our commitment to providing a physical outlet for people in constrained environments. Our primary focus remains the same, placing gym and shower facilities in airports behind security.

We know 80% of people are interested in using an airport gym and we look forward to creating an environment that brings the freedom of travel, and the spirit of wanderlust, back to the flying experience. We’re excited to provide people with a healthy escape from busy terminals, where they have space and are free to move and care for their bodies.

The new name—ROAM Fitness—allows us to better align our company name with our strategy and convey to airports, our partners, and our visitors that there is more to our stores than just breaking a sweat.

Effective immediately, our website and blog have been moved to and our email addresses and social media accounts have changed accordingly.

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