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Fitness Oriented Vacation Destinations

Relaxing at the beach isn’t the only way to spend our vacation time. Some of us prefer to recharge by staying active. We love vacationing, traveling, and getting in a good workout. Why not combine all three? Here are some resorts and destinations from around the world with a range of activities and intensity.

For those of us who like vacationing on the beach, traveling to Costa Rica is the way to go. The LuCeRo Retreat offers different villas to choose from and includes surf and yoga classes. This is the perfect getaway to unwind, strengthen muscles, and catch some waves on the ocean.

For a golf getaway head to Omni La Costa in San Diego. The stunning resort offers 36 holes. The course is legendary and can be challenging for some of the best in the game. If that’s the case, sign up for a class with an expert to learn about ball flight laws, identify strengths, and correct mechanics. At the end of the trip we’ll feel energized and look like a pro on the course.

For a more scenic vacation that will captivate our senses we would like to travel to Italy. Trek Tours offer a series of guided tours through different Italian villages, vineyards, and ruins. Whether you’re a leisurely peddler or an active biker there are different trips to chose from.

Calling all avid hikers! VAYA offers a trek through three glacial valleys of Patagonia. The trip includes a tour guide, delicious meals, lessons on endangered wilderness, and much more. The experience is a beautiful detour off the beaten path.

For those who love to travel by foot, look no further than Scotland; Hill Walk Tours provides an active and relaxed getaway. Choose a start date, where to begin, how far to travel, where to end and Hill Walk Tours will take care of the rest. They will even transport our luggage! The tours are self-guided, we simply follow the directions and attractions that were planned out ahead of time for us. An active vacation abroad with an itinerary that’s pre-planned for us, when can we go?

Interested in exploring one of our national parks? Venture out to the Zion Mountain Ranch in Utah. There’s a great selection of lodges and cabins to suit our varying needs as well as many different activities to choose from. No matter the skill level, choose from horseback riding, canyoneering, mountain biking, fly-fishing, and hiking. The outdoor activities seem almost endless with all of the exploring that’s possible here.

Last but not least, for the ultimate adrenaline junky, plan a heli-adventure trip to Whistler Mountain in Canada. For the experienced skier and rider only, set off on an adventure that will take you to the top of big mountain terrain. Experienced guides will tag along on the adventure using their knowledge to select the best course of way to get down the mountain. This action packed afternoon would leave us feeling accomplished and motivated to attack whatever we find on our table at work the next day.

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