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Stretches to Improve Hip Mobility

Photo by BCLiving

Sitting, even for a short period of time can cause our bodies stress. People with desk jobs in particular struggle with having ideal hip mobility even if they exercise regularly. Sitting in excess causes our bodies to adapt to that position. Sitting compromises our joints and tendons as well as shortens and weakens our hip flexors. Having reduced mobility in our hips can cause us to be unbalanced, have trouble moving from side to side, and leave us unable to move/lift our knees upward.

Athletes with tight hips might get slowed down or be unable to perform. A runner might notice their strides shortening or a weightlifter might not be able to reach full extension in his or her squat. Tight hips caused by sitting can also cause back pain, muscle aches, and muscle weakness. In order to restore proper range of motion and optimal function of our bodies, here are eight movements we’re incorporating in our next warm up.

  1. Step Back Lunge with Overhead Stretch: Step back with one leg, keep front leg straight and drop the back knee. Simultaneously reach both arms overhead with a slight bend in the lower back. Be sure to fully extend both arms. Repeat sequence four times alternating which leg stays up front.

  2. Crab Reach: Sit on all fours. Slowly lift glutes off the ground and as high into the air as possible. Reach over the head and opposite shoulder with one arm. Put the arm back on the ground and switch to the other arm. Repeat movements five times on each side.

  3. Goblet Squat: Squat down, dropping your butt as low to the ground as possible while sliding both arms on the insides of your legs. Alternate pushing leg outward with one arm at a time. For a deeper stretch, place both hands flat on the floor and use both elbows to push your knees outward.

  4. Hip Openers: Sit up straight with both hands on the ground, drop both knees having one go away from the body and the other one towards. Alternate sides.

  5. Point, Hip, Rock: Put hands, knees, and feet on the ground. Try to spread your knees as far apart as possible. Try to keep your chest up and rock back and forth.

  6. Lateral Hip Swing: Keep one knee on the ground, straighten the other leg and bring it across the other while lowering your bottom. Stretch the leg across as far as possible then drop your butt to the ground. Repeat alternating legs four times on each side.

  7. Lateral Lunge with Lateral Reach: Step out to the side keeping the opposite leg straight. Drop down into a squat and reach both arms out to the side. Alternate legs, five times each side.

  8. Lateral Lunch with Medial Reach: Step out to the side keeping the opposite leg straight. Drop down into a squat and reach both arms to the inside part of the foot on the straight leg. Alternate legs, five times each side.

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