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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

The Baltimore/Washington Airport, or BWI, is known for being committed to travelers' health. They’re offering alternative choices to cope with long layovers and avoid fried fast foods. They currently have cardio paths throughout the airport and in November, new gym and fitness model ROAM Fitness is opening its doors.

BWI Cardio Trail

BWI offers two different loops through the airport terminal. Each loop takes around 20 minutes to complete, and is around 1-kilometer long. They are both designated American Heart Association Walking Paths. The “Terminal Loop” takes a walker through the upper level of the terminal. The “Concourse A/B Loop” goes through Concourses A and B and circles back.

The paths in the airport are all marked with BWI Cardio Trail logos on the walls or even on directories beside the trail. The paths were designed to help travelers get in a bit of exercise or walking time before their first flight or during a layover. The airport has also designed a bike path located outside of the airport. The path follows the circumference of the airport and runways. It was designed for commuters but BWI also offers bike rentals for travelers looking to get outside for a bit. The trail is 12.5 miles long.


Most of the restaurants at BWI offer nutritional and healthy meals and options. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine ranked BWI as the healthiest airport in the country. Most restaurants offer seasonal and local foods, a lot of them vegetarian based. Almost 90 percent of the food offered in the airport is deemed healthy.

ROAM Fitness

In November, new traveler-friendly gym ROAM Fitness will open in a section of the airport that connects the international terminal (E) with domestic terminal D. ROAM will offer cardio equipment, showers, a stretching area, free weights and more. Accessing the gym can be done via a day, month, or year pass. Everyone can reserve a shower time when they enter the gym but annual members have the added perk of being able to reserve a shower online, 24 hours in advance. All gym-goers have access to clothing rentals, TV and Wi-Fi.

The gym will be located past security to ensure its services are convenient for travelers. Those on a layover won't have to worry about leaving the secure side of the airport and then leaving enough time to clear security again before their next flight. Those wanting to avoid rush hour traffic, or have nothing productive left to do at the end of a business trip can now go to the airport early and not have a lot of dreaded down time.

So if you ever find yourself with some extra time on your hands at the BWI airport you have several healthy options to fend off boredom. With all of your options for cardio, a nice walk, or even some light weight lifting you really don’t have an excuse to feel trapped. When you book your next trip through BWI, plan for a workout. ROAM Fitness and the amenities at BWI are ready to help you travel fit!

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