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50 Ways to Stay Healthy + Fit While Traveling

Staying healthy and fit while traveling doesn't have to be as hard as it sounds. We’ve rounded up our top 50 ways to make wellness a priority, even when we are miles away from home.

  1. Drink plenty of water.

  2. Plan snacks ahead of time (think protein bars, almonds, bananas).

  3. Try to eat at least three times per day to keep you from overeating.

  4. Pack your running shoes and several workout outfits.

  5. Take the stairs.

  6. Stand up several times to keep blood flowing during long flights.

  7. Opt to walk instead of taxi to your destinations.

  8. Ask the hotel concierge of parks or trails nearby to jog or walk on.

  9. Book a hotel with a gym in it.

  10. If your hotel accommodation doesn’t have a gym, look up fitness facilities around the area.

  1. Pack a bathing suit and go for a swim if your hotel has a pool or beach nearby.

  2. Practice stretching during long plane rides.

  3. Create a workout playlist to help motivate you to hit the gym.

  4. Check into races or local fitness events during the time of your stay.

  5. Set aside several minutes for a small circuit of bodyweight exercises. Think planks, burpees, and pushups!

  6. Try this 30-minute travel workout.

  7. Plan your meals ahead of time. If you have a big dinner planned for one night, eat smaller meals in the beginning of the day.

  8. Set a specific time each day to dedicate a few minutes to meditate.

  9. Ask your concierge for different healthy restaurants nearby.

  10. Stop at the local market to pick up fresh snacks to avoid eating from the mini bar.

  11. Don’t let yourself get discouraged for indulging in the local cuisine.

  12. Consider staying at a hotel that is geared towards health and fitness enthusiasts. Check out EVEN Hotels which are equipped with a wellness-savvy staff, a best-in-class fitness experience, healthier food choices and natural, relaxing spaces.

  13. Find activities that do not involve food such as seeing a show, taking a boat ride, or museums.

  14. Find a bike rental shop and explore the city.

  15. Schedule a walking tour.

  1. Invest in resistance bands and try this workout in your hotel room.

  2. Remember to relax and enjoy yourself!

  3. Limit alcohol intake.

  4. Remember to pack your vitamins and supplements.

  5. Allow yourself one treat each day.

  6. Skip the hotel breakfast buffet.

  7. Download MapMyWalk to monitor your steps and calorie burn while walking.

  8. If you’re traveling with a group, check out pedal tours for a fun way to party while burning calories!

  9. Hit the dance floor during your night out.

  10. Bring a reusable water bottle and try to sip it throughout the day. Bring a reusable water bottle and try to sip it throughout the day.

  11. Be sure you’re getting enough sleep.

  12. Learn how to combat jet lag before you even take off.

  13. Look into local run clubs for a fun way to meet people from the city.

  14. Purchase a fitness magazine at the airport for some inspirational reading material while on the plane.

  15. Opt for water instead of soda on the plane.

  1. Plan an afternoon hike.

  2. Don’t forget to pack headphones for your workouts!

  3. Bring a heart rate monitor to know how many calories you are burning.

  4. Be sure to eat a balanced breakfast.

  5. Pack hand sanitizer to avoid getting sick.

  6. Schedule a massage at the hotel spa to de-stress and rejuvenate.

  7. If you get dessert, consider splitting it with your dinner party.

  8. Bring an eye mask and neck pillow for added rest / comfort on the plane.

  9. If you’re traveling in a group, chose somebody to be your workout buddy.

  10. Purchase a ROAM Fitness pass to squeeze a workout in at the airport, before you even get to your destination!

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