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Things That Piqued Our Interest at the Consumer Electronics Show This Year

Last week the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) took place in Las Vegas. Here is a short list of items that we think make traveling more secure, comfortable, and easy.

Smart Suitcases- Bluesmart debuted a carry-on with features that have us planning our next weekend trip! The suitcase has two USB charging ports and an easy-access compartment to make it easier to get through security. It also has an app that allows people to lock and unlock their luggage, push notifications if it is being left behind, and use GPS to track it when it is lost. There’s also a built in scale that works by pulling the handle up and then the approximate weight will appear on the app’s screen. While we don’t often worry about the weight of our domestic carry-ons this feature would definitely come in handy when we’re jetting around Europe…

Smart Shoes- Zhor Tech released the Digitsole Smartshoe which is very Back to the Future. With it’s digital insole the shoe can measure your shock absorption and automatically adjusts to your foot, tightening and loosening at the tongue when needed. With an app you can charge the shoe and turn on LED lights at the toe for better nighttime visibility. It also tracks steps, counts calories, and has a heated insole. The aesthetics weren’t for us but the company also has sneakers with the same fitness tracking abilities and is able to keep our feet warm on cold and rainy travel days. The sneakers are much more subtle and really, whose feet don’t get cold on long flights?

Wearable Translator- iLi captured all audiences at the CES with their innovative idea and advancement of technology. Its wearable translator, looking similar to an apple TV remote, is worn like a pendant around your neck. The translator works off the grid and doesn’t need wifi or a cellular network to function. It listens to what you say and translates clearly and precisely to the language you select: English, Chinese, or Japanese. Maybe instead of Europe we should slip into our warm sneakers, pack our smart suitcase, and head to Japan.

Poses to Promote Your Health While Flying

When we fly we look for ways to keep our blood flowing and release endorphins without disturbing the person in the seat next to us. Here are a few stretches we use to combat the harmful effects of sitting for extended periods of time. They help us relax, keep our blood flowing, and release endorphins. (Also, your mom was right. Sitting up strait, focusing on stacking your spine, and keeping your shoulders back makes it easier for your organs to function. Your lungs use the extra space to expand and get your blood pumping. Thanks, mom!)

Stretches for When You Are In Your Seat
  1. Knee to Chest- sit upright and with your hands around your thigh pull your knee into your chest. Keep pulling your Knee to your chest and do 10 clockwise and 10 counter clockwise circles with your ankle. Return your foot to the floor and repeat with the other leg.

  2. Twist- with a straight spine and your feet flat on the ground, turn your shoulders and head to the left placing both hands on the armrest. Repeat on the right side. For a deeper twist cross your legs.

  3. Hover- engage your core, place your fists on the seat, and push upward with your feet off the ground so that your legs form a 90 angle and you are hovering over your seat. Squeeze your glutes and tighten your abs. Hold for 10 seconds.

Stretches for the Aisle
  1. Forward Bend- stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and bend at the hips with your head tilting down towards your knees. Cross your arms over your head so that your hands are holding your elbows. For a deeper stretch, place your hands under your feet, palms facing up.

  2. Warrior Lunge- take one large step forward, bending at the knee with your hips facing forward, keeping your back leg straight. Roll your shoulders backwards and place your hands behind your back with your palms touching and your fingers pointed upward. Hold the pose for 3 deep breaths then bring your arms beside your hips and step your back leg forward. Repeat, alternating legs.

What stretches feel best for your body in tight quarters?

We are three active individuals (Ty, Cynthia, and Jenna) who started AirFit because we love to travel but are frustrated by how confined and gross we feel on travel days. To solve this problem we’re placing gym and shower facilities in airports behind security. We’ve also started this blog to share helpful fitness and travel information with fellow health enthusiasts and frequent fliers.

To share a little more about us and get you up to speed on where we are in the process of opening our first location check out the video we filmed this week.

Traveling is me time and for so many of us me time means exercising. We believe that working out while traveling isn’t a luxury, it’s a right. We are excited to be a part of the fitness and travel community. If you’d like to get ahold of us you can leave a comment, email us, or find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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