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Leave the Funk at Home

First of all, it’s not your sweat that stinks… it’s the bacteria that thinks your sweat is tasty. As you exercise, your activewear absorbs sweat, and stink-producing bacteria enjoy a thanksgiving style feast. And workout clothes are the funkiest because the stink-producing bacteria really thrive on synthetic fabrics… Unfortunately, the same ones we love for technical wicking and thermal performance.

Managing the stink at home is one thing… we can quickly shower, change clothes and hang-up or wash our sweat soaked activewear. But the funk is a little harder to deal with while traveling. We totally get it, and hope to help.

One overlooked key to sweating hard and staying fresh while traveling is using the right detergent. That’s right, laundry detergent! Mostly because synthetic fibers are hydrophobic, meaning they repel water. This makes it difficult for most detergents, especially old-school detergents, to remove sweat, oils and dirt. Over time, this grunge accumulates between the fibers. And each time you exercise, the grunge heats up, and the instant stink grows worse and worse.

Fortunately, not all laundry detergents are created equal, and we’re excited that we found the best to keep our activewear always looking, feeling and smelling brand new… Defunkify ACTIVE WASH.

Defunkify ACTIVE WASH works so well because they created a formula with surface chemistry specialized for synthetic fabrics. Instead of dancing on the top of synthetic fibers (like old-school detergents), ACTIVE WASH sends odor-fighting enzymes between every fiber… unlocking and removing all the funk.

They even have the data to prove it. Defunkify actually uses scanning electron microscopes to analyze how well detergents clean super smelly activewear. See for yourself…

Below are images of a sweat soaked running shirt... after washing. On the left, you can see all the sweat, grime and soap scum that other detergents leave behind. On the right, you can see how ACTIVE WASH completely unlocks and removes all the funk!

Plus, ACTIVE WASH was designed using green chemistry and contains only non-toxic, sustainable, plant-based and biodegradable ingredients.

Okay, so what about your funky shoes? We know it’s nice to take them off while flying and stretch your toes, but your neighbor may not think so. Yep, Defunkify’s got that covered too.

Their ACTIVE SPRAY uses a blend of essential oils to remove funky foot smells and bonds propriety odor fighting molecules to your shoes that prevent the stench from returning.

We’re excited to offer our members an exclusive opportunity to use the only laundry products we trust… Enjoy 20% off all products at… coupon code: roam2017

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