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April 2017 Newsletter

Travelers and Fitness Friends! This year is flying by—it is now April and our BWI gym has been open for two months! We are turning a lot of heads in the airport and working to expand awareness about our first location, next to gate D1. Our team is doing a great job educating travelers about what is included in day, month, and year memberships as well as the type of equipment we provide, our rental workout gear program, and our shower reservation system. We’ve hosted an airport and airline staff appreciation week, a day for military members, and an event to kick off the spring season. We have also captured the media’s attention and have had editors, reporters, and TV crews visit our facility. A list of articles about ROAM can be found on our website and if you tune in to NBC Nighlty News tonight, at 6:30pm EDT you will see ROAM Fitness in a story about airport wellness! Reactions from frequent fliers and health-conscious individuals is pouring in from all over the country and is overwhelmingly positive. People have wanted this healthy alternative for a long time and they are eager for us to expand to more airports. We are working on plans to open two more locations this year and are continuing conversations with airport decision makers at a handful of other airports to secure locations three – five in 2018. In addition to expanding locations, we are developing strategic partnerships that will deepen the value of our shared services for travelers. On April 15th our partnership with Priority Pass begins and its members will receive an exclusive rate for our day passes. We are also partnering with The Club and will have a similar agreement, the launch date is still TBD. If there is a travel, fitness, or hospitality partnership you would like us to consider, please drop us a line at We hope your 2017 is off to a great start and that you have the time to do what you love, be with your family, and take care of your body.

Thank you for being a part of this journey,

Cynthia + Ty


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