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Healthy Snacks at the Airport

April 3rd, 2023 | Aria Ma


Snacking is a great way to reduce stress and anxieties before flying, but how can we stay according to our diet? The convenience stores in the airport have some tempting options ranging from pretzels (high sodium, yuck!) to gummy bears.

Here are some healthy snacks to grab at the airport according to health experts.

  1. Protein bars are nutritious and accessible in almost every store at the airport! You’ll be able to get your macros in and still fill up your stomach.

  2. Fresh fruit is a great way to up your intake of vitamins and minerals. They’re also very accessible and a great way to snack. Things like cantaloupes and strawberries are often boxed for your travel convenience!

  3. Dried fruit is an amazing option if your cup of tea isn’t fresh fruit and you’re looking for something small to snack on through a period of time. They still have the same amount of vitamins and minerals, and are very travel friendly!

  4. Nuts & seeds have amazing nutritional benefits in addition to being incredibly accessible throughout the airport. They’re a great pairing with dark chocolate!

  5. Plain popcorn and popcorn chips will satisfy that salty craving of yours minus the excess sodium!

  6. Granola is another great healthy snack at the airport where you can get your protein in.

  7. Applesauce or fruit squeezes is your go-to if you’re looking for something sweet, fruity, and travel friendly.

  8. Yogurt is one of the best options if you’re looking to fill up before your plane takes off and you’re not looking to lug it around the airport.

  9. Dark chocolate will satisfy your sweet tooth (but the darker the better), and are a powerful source of antioxidants.

  10. Salads can be pre-made in the convenience stores or small food restaurants to fill up on your fiber, protein, and healthy fats.

A different alternative is stocking up on snacks before you arrive at the airport to save a couple bucks! You can also stop by at any ROAM facility for local-made protein packed healthy snacks!

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