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10 Fitness Inspired Instagram Accounts

The fitness community on social media is expanding everyday. There are online coaches, nutrition bloggers, and professional athletes sharing their workout videos in hopes to motivate all of us to live healthier. With so many options at the tips of our fingers it can be hard finding the best Instagrams to follow, don’t sweat it though, we’ve created a list of our 10 favorite fitness accounts:

Robin Arzon @robinnyc is a former corporate lawyer and now has a big following on Instagram for her athleticism on the streets of NYC. Her account is full of action shots running through the city as well as motivational captions that inspire us to run along with her.

Curtis Williams @curtiswilliams17 is a former NFL athlete for the Baltimore Ravens. Curtis is still an elite athlete and has built his own empire; Training C.A.M.P. Performance, where most of his photos and videos are taken. Follow him if you’re interested in learning more about high-speed performance drills and running mechanics.

Dylan Werner @dylanwerneryoga is a yoga instructor from LA who is world-renown for his mastery of balance and body-weight movement inversions. Dylan posts breathtaking photos that make us eager to strike a pose.

Lauren Fisher @laurenfisher is a CrossFit competitor and Nike athlete. Don’t let the CrossFit lingo confuse you, her account is filled with olympic lifting PRs (personal records) and workouts of the day (WODs). HSPU (hand-stand push ups), pistols, KB (kettlebell) swings, and power cleans anyone? Fisher has coined the term “grown strong” and has inspired us to join her fitness journey.

Richard-Dean Sumares @crawlproject is a personal trainer from South Africa. Sumares’ username comes from his strength, conditioning and mobility programing. After seeing his photos and videos we were left speechless by his slow and controlled movements.

Nike @niketraining is one of the leading sports apparel companies in the world. Follow Nike training to see what workouts their sponsored athletes are crushing. The account is full of motivational shots, fashion and drills that will get us all training along with them.

Bret Contreras @bretcontreras1 has his PhD, personal training and strength coach certifications but is more commonly known as ‘the glute guy’. Bret has created a program for people to strengthen their glutes and maximize their lifting ability. We follow his account to get sneak peaks of his program by seeing what workouts his clients do to work up a sweat and tone their back sides.

Dasha Libin-Anderson @kettlebellkickboxing is a personal trainer and martial arts instructor. Dasha created her following by mixing her knowledge of kettle bell workouts from personal training with kickboxing from martial arts. Her Instagram includes photos of her clean eating, videos of workouts, and inspirational quotes to pump up her followers.

Reebok @reebok is another top selling athletic apparel company with many followers from different ends of the sporting community. Reebok sponsors Les Mills (classes offered at many gyms), CrossFit, Spartan Race, Runners, Martial Artists and Cross Trainers. Follow their page to see some sweaty action shots and new gear. They also do a great job posting in the early morning to help us get motivated to get out of our beds and workout.

Dwayne Johnson @therock is known for being badass as well as a former WWE wrestler and NCAA football player. The Rock is always in beast mode posting videos at the gym that make us eager to hit the gym and power through some heavy lifts.

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