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Black Friday Fitness Deals

After a day full of feasting and thankfulness we're glad to resume our routine of exercise and self-care. And, now that the holiday season is officially underway we are ready to brainstorm thoughtful gifts for our family and friends. For those of us who have people that love to exercise and are frequent fliers there is finally a solution to the dreaded down-time at the airport— an airport gym membership, available for a day, month, or year.

ROAM Fitness is opening its first location at BWI next month and is offering deep discounts on its passes. All members, whether day, month or year pass holders have access to the cardio equipment, free weights, and stretching space. Technical fitness apparel and Brooks Running shoes are provided as complimentary rentals and members also have the ability to reserve a private shower room with towel service and Malin + Goetz products.

ROAM is working on opening its second and third locations in the first half of 2017 and plans to have 15 locations across the country open in the next five years. Memberships are valid at all locations so you don't need to worry about buying the "right" pass type. When the BWI airport gym opens a day pass will cost $40, a month will be $175, and a year $600. From now until the end of the month day passes are priced at $25, month passes at $150, and year passes at $500. Don't miss the chance to score a great deal and have a great conversation starter at the next family dinner!

To learn more about the BWI location click here, and to pre-order memberships at the discounted rates click here.

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